View the Studio

We’ve designed our studio to offer a modular facility that is easily modified and customised to your requirements. Each of the sets we have can be moved to different parts of studio facility to take advantage of different flooring or wall-coverings to ensure your shoot is exactly what you have in mind. Moving furniture is all part of the service we offer to you!

Have a look at some of the studio scenes we have in place, and don’t forget that you’re welcome to come and have a look for yourself in person to see why Saracen House Studio is so popular. Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to find a time to show you around the whole studio.

Studio Facilities & Fixed Sets

You can also view or download the Floorplan of our studio complex.

Other Configurations

We’re now fully equipped to be able to host small seminars, meetings and desk-based training. 

If you would like to hire Saracen House Studio for this purpose, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

We’ve got one of the widest ranges of high end photographic studio equipment available in the area, use of which is all included in the studio hire rates.

Visit our Studio Equipment page to find out what we’ve got!