Nightshooter Workshop from Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes
Nightshooter Workshop Milton Keynes HannahLou Flash Workshop
Nightshooter Workshop Milton Keynes HannahLou Flash Workshop

Friday 21st June - 7pm to 10pm

Due to popular demand, we’re bringing back our Nightshooter Workshops to Milton Keynes –  a fun way to spend a few hours as the sun goes down!

We will be working in a small group of photographers in a few locations around Central Milton Keynes, using available and other ambient light mixed with location flash and LED lighting for you to use.

We will be shooting with Hannah Lou, an experienced model, who’ll help us create some fabulous fashion and portrait images that really pop.

This workshop is suitable for all photographers comfortable in the basic controls of their camera.  We will be shooting in low light, so shooting with a fast lens such as a 50mm 1.4 or 1.8 will be useful, but as long as you’re comfortable bumping your ISO up then an f/2.8 or f4 lens will also be fine.

We’ll supply triggers for your camera and guide you with your settings and composition and help you to create striking shots that use the available light of the city balanced with location lighting.

We’ll meet at 7pm in Central Milton Keynes (location will be provided!) and we’ll run til around 10pm.  Bring something warm to wear and if you want to bring a flask and nibbles, feel free!

There will be a couple of short car trips along the way, so if you need transport we’ll happily give you a lift around.  We’ll be finishing within walking distance of Central Milton Keynes Rail and Bus Station if you’re travelling by public transport.

Nightshooter Workshop Milton Keynes HannahLou Flash Workshop

Booking Information

Date: Friday 21st June 2024
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Price: £95 per person
Group:  Max 6 Photographers

Kit Requirements:
Camera & Memory Cards
Camera with hotshoe and manual controls.
Lens (1.4/1.8 lens suggested)
Notepad and pen
Flask of tea if you wish!

Knowledge Level:
Basic knowledge of your camera and its controls. Understanding of exposure triangle is helpful but we’re here to help with settings.

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Price: £95 per person

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