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The BIG Car Shoot - Portfolio Builder Day

The Event

We have taken over a massive studio for the day, with a specialised white cove complete with electric ceiling and special Arri T5, T2 and T1 lighting this is the ideal place to capture some stunning editorial and advertising style car shots to really boost your portfolio.

But it doesn’t stop there, adjoining the cove is a 5000 sq feet abandoned factory area for a more gritty look. Add to this lots of smoke and maybe water and you have a perfect backdrop for some stunning shots.

We will have at least 4 cars and a bike and everyone will get the opportunity to shoot all the vehicles.

We will have a huge selection of studio flash available in addition to the Arris. During the day each car will be positioned and lit with a variety of different lighting techniques including bouncing light from the electric ceiling to show shape with highlights on the vehicle curves.

There will also be several demonstrations during the day including light painting and how to shoot and composite images. Many advertising images are shot in this way. We will also show you some tricks that car photographers use to show things like wheels turning even though the car is standing still!

We are currently completing the line up of cars which will include a Lotus Exige track car amongst a mouth watering selection of super cars.

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