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Beauty Shoot & Retouch Workshop

Hollywood Inspired Portraits Photography Workshop at Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes

At Saracen House Studio, we're proud to work with renowned photographer and trainer, Andrew Appleton to provide first class photography training in Milton Keynes.  Our range of workshops, tuition and photography days offer knowledge on a wide range of topics.

The Golden Age of Hollywood produced iconic images of the big stars shot by the likes of George Hurrell, CS Bull, Bert Six and Eugene Robert Richee. In their day they would have battled with plate cameras and massive lights on the sound stages of Paramount and MGM.

Appleton Photo Traingin Hollywood Style Portraits Workshop at Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes

In this one day workshop we will look at how we can create images that have a similar look using modern lighting and cameras. We will shoot with studio flash, speedlights and constant ‘hot’ lights.

The day is split into 3 parts:

  • Analysing the genre and how to style, light and shoot it
  • Shooting 3 different sets including film noire
  • Post processing in mono and colour with Lightroom and Photoshop

With only 8 delegates everyone can get involved with plenty of shooting time

Refreshments and a light lunch are provided

Workshop Information

Date:   Saturday 11th November 2017
Time:  10am to 5pm
Lunch:  Provided (please advise of dietary requirements)
Knowledge Level:  Intermediate


Digital SLR of any make.
We recommend a lens that covers 35mm to 150mm on a full frame sensor, but bring your kit bag
We would also recommend a wide aperture 50mm or 85mm lens
Memory Card
Pen and Notepad

Price:  £199 per person

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Images taken on workshops are intended for training use only. Whilst you may use images taken as part of your portfolio, you should make note that such images have been taken, under instruction, on a workshop.

No commercial use of images is possible.

Images used on this page have been provided by the model and/or photographer and are copyright their respective owners.

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